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Business ideas between friends, associates and investors spring up all the time. Even during the best of times, however, good ideas don’t always last or business partners have their own reasons for parting ways. How you get out of a business partnership or financial arrangement with investors is often more important than how you got into it.

If you are part of a business partnership or investor group in a Colorado Front Range community, or if you are a sole proprietor who is closing down a business, schedule a consultation at the Law Office of William Hadden Zimmerling. Mr. Zimmerling is a knowledgeable business law attorney with many years of experience helping people avoid legal and financial troubles that can result when partnerships dissolve, leaving debt, property ownership disputes and contractual obligations on the table. He will discuss your concerns either with an individual partner or meet with you as a partnership group. We will find the unique resolution you are looking for.

We can handle the most complex issues related to business divorce and partnership dissolution

  • Professional practice dissolution or spin-off operations
  • Investor and shareholder disputes
  • Business partnership dissolution
  • Business debt collection services
  • Breach of contract litigation
  • Commercial real estate lease responsibilities
  • Property ownership disputes

Thinking Of Starting A Business In The Construction Industry?

In any given year, the construction industry in Colorado has more startup operations than perhaps any other professional field. Out-of-work construction workers form business relationships all the time, expecting their roofing, landscaping or remodeling business to take off. Unfortunately, construction businesses are also among the leaders in partnership disputes and business dissolution, often leaving the owners with significant debt and broken contracts. Having an experienced business lawyer should be part of your operational plans. Before you start up a construction business, meet with us to discuss a business plan that will protect your financial interests. Although nobody plans to fail, it makes good financial sense to have an exit strategy in place.

Experienced Cherry Creek Denver Business Dissolution Attorney

From offices in Denver, our firm provides legal advice and representation for individuals, entrepreneurs and business owners in front range communities throughout Denver County, Adams County, Arapahoe County, Douglas County, Jefferson County, Broomfield County and Boulder County. Call 720-443-4127 or contact us by email to begin a conversation with Denver partnership dissolution attorney William Zimmerling today.